Places or topics, that concern me make me feel responsible to examine them and let voices be heard, which tell their story. There are stories, that need to be told. Stories can be told through different media.

Space is often my starting point. Some stories come to me through objects on the ground. Some need to be acted corporally or told by a voice or many different voices. Some translate as noise. There is mostly an investigative phase in the beginning of my works. I research, collect material, out of which I make a selection and bring it together in a meaningful constellation.

In the testimony of a story lies a responsibility, which I try to emphasize by involving the recipients power of decision, what to see, hear or feel. Therefor I tend to make the process of development of my works transparent and open. To follow this kind of (self-)critical approach, work with theory is crucial for me.

By telling and receiving stories, through voice, sound, the presence of a body or an object in space, orders can be confused. I am interested in the moments, when this becomes possible.